Urban Oasis Garden Coach

Where Gardeners Bloom

Bought a new property in need of a creative makeover? New to Victoria, and you have not a clue how to maintain a temperate garden? Always wanted to grow food, or flowers? Have a project you would love to start, but just cannot figure out where to start. Want to maintain your property yourself, but not sure what you have, or how to maintain it?

There are as many reasons to hire a garden coach as there are gardens, but in Victoria there is no reason to hire just any coach.

More than 20 years of professional horticulture expertise backs up Sandra’s assurance; simple advice, planning, and organization can make your garden a pleasure instead of a burden.

Whether you have a large property or a simple distressed vegetable patch, Sandra will always get her hands dirty. She has coached clients through projects as small as a condo balcony-garden and collaborated with project designers on exquisite estate properties.

Sandra knows that for a good garden to grow, its gardeners must bloom. Sandra nurtures gardeners, to be competent, and have the confidence to undertake their unique gardening journey.